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Posted by: eveyoga | February 9, 2012

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

From Eve Grzybowski

Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional
New South Wales, Australia

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Eve

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The New Year is a time when you set goals so you can achieve what you may have missed out on the previous year. For instance, maybe you weren’t successful enough in business, so this year you’ll aim for a bonanza; or, you weren’t available enough for your children, but this year you’ll definitely improve your relationships with them; or, you didn’t get those pesky 5 kg. of weight off, but this next year you’ll get fit and trim.

I know yogis who are aiming to do lotus  pose (padmasana) as their goal and it’s going to be this year because they will have at last loosened up their hips. I’ve had this type of goal, too, and I not saying it’s a bad thing to have something to aim for. Just be clear about why you want it. I wanted to be able to a pose where I dropped back from standing position into a backbend and then came right back up to standing, and was able to do it multiple times.  I was rather show-offy and  I never did attain my goal, but fortunately I didn’t hurt myself along the way.

This year I’m interesting in Not-Wanting. That may sound negative, but it’s not what I mean. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to operate out of being satisfied, not looking for something from you or me to complete a perceived lack. What I imagine is there could be a great deal of freedom in exploring Not-Wanting, or what my friend Michael calls non-attachment.

Here’s the old me, trying to get into a variation of pigeon pose (ekapadaraja kapotasana):

Bali 1989

These days I’m more happy to be able to do the whole range of standing poses, let someone in in  the traffic, be kind and respectful to people in relationship, and keep those pesky 5 kg. of weight off from one year to the next.

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I’m assured it will all be for the best.




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Yoga Fellowship

After spending yesterday evening and part of today with my yoga friend Nick, I was reminded of what a blessing our yoga friendships are.

As a yoga teacher or student, you may have had the experience of meeting extraordinary people through the vehicle of yoga. Many of my best friends are people I’ve met through yoga. Judy and Michael, from our little community on Mitchells Island, were yoga friends first twenty-five years before they became co-proprietors with us.

Even though yoga teachers may try to maintain a professional distance from students, I think it’s difficult to do because of feeling such a spiritual connection with them. When we build into our yoga schools the concept of community, it is often predicated on being equals and working together in our own growth.

I was afraid when I moved to the country that I might lose touch with my Sydney base which I had established over a 30-year period of teaching. Instead, I’ve had the gratifying experience of being able to stay in touch with dear yoga friends, especially this last year, through their visits to Mitchells Island – as well as seeing some of them at the Falls Forest retreat I ran in October and the Yoga Australia conference of last April.

There is closeness that is bound up with hoops of love that we share those within our yoga circle. It’s ineffable and at the same time palpable – in the category of priceless riches.

Simply Yoga Farewell

Posted by: eveyoga | January 1, 2012

Ganesha’s Blessings

New Year’s Day 2012


Here is Ganesha, still sporting the beanie he wore at Christmas. His post is at the entrance to the Yoga Shed and signals a friendly welcome to all students.

As the harbinger of new beginnings, I can imagine that Ganesha also welcomes us into the New Year. By extension, we could probably adopt him as the Muse for our New Year’s resolutions if, for instance, we are planning on beginning a year of regular yoga practice, healthy eating or being punctual.

I call January the month of good intentions. For many, it’s time to get back on track if you’ve taken a detour off the straight-and-narrow. January One is a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of print paper, a blank slate.

January One equals the “now” part of Patanjali’s first sutra, “Atha Yoga-Anusasanam”, where the word atha announces, “Now.  Let’s get down to business – let’s begin.”

Happy beginnings to you whatever you make of this precious day and year!

Posted by: eveyoga | December 31, 2011

A Dog Pose a Day Keeps the Chiro at Bay

Tonight I really wanted to write about one of the most important poses in the asana lexicon, Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward-facing Dog Pose. But I also wanted to acknowledge the excitement in the air with the near passing of 2011.

So, I think I can combine the two with a little story of a New Year’s Eve dinner I had with an old beau years ago in the Sydney Opera House district. We were dining early, dressed in party gear, enjoying the ambience of an elegant restaurant. We booked so early that there were no patrons in our section; the waiter had whisked himself off to fill our drinks orders, so we were alone. Tony took the opportunity to stretch out in a dog pose, while the room was empty. I saw the waiter come up behind him but there was no time for me to warn him. Quick as a flash, Tony said that he’d lost his contact lens and was just looking around for it. The waiter seemed to sniff at this communication but somehow managed to be deferential.

Have you ever tried to sneak a pose in when no one was looking?

I’ve been bold enough to do Adho Mukha Svanasana in airport terminals but only out of desperation when I’ve been trapped in long transit times. Why don’t yoga teachers set up studios at airports? It seems like a natural.

As for Adho Mukha Svanasana, or as Shandor Remete used to call it “dog with the face down”, I can’t think of a more all-rounder pose. A portable posture that you can do surreptitiously if needed, hold for long timings as an experienced practitioner, and modify as a beginner to mollify screaming hamstrings.

Adho Mukha Svanasana works every fibre and cell of your body: shoulders, scapulae, wrists, rib cage, core muscles, pelvis, and thighs, knees, calves, achilles tendons and feet. Discovering your alignment in the pose brings you into the moment; finding freedom in the pose can be both a life-long journey and a serendipitous experience.

Sue Ellen Kohler1990

At times when I needed to do the pose in a more therapeutic way, I would hang off wall ropes or have a helper stretch me with a belt around my hips. Here’s another version, nicknamed “lazy dog pose”, which gives some of the benefits of being upside down with a focus on creating space in the hip joints.

Lazy Dog Pose

In whatever way you are celebrating the arrival of a new year, I wish you a wonderful passage into it. May you be bathed in friendship, love, warmth, and well-being and extend all of these qualities out into the world.

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