Posted by: eveyoga | January 1, 2012

Ganesha’s Blessings

New Year’s Day 2012


Here is Ganesha, still sporting the beanie he wore at Christmas. His post is at the entrance to the Yoga Shed and signals a friendly welcome to all students.

As the harbinger of new beginnings, I can imagine that Ganesha also welcomes us into the New Year. By extension, we could probably adopt him as the Muse for our New Year’s resolutions if, for instance, we are planning on beginning a year of regular yoga practice, healthy eating or being punctual.

I call January the month of good intentions. For many, it’s time to get back on track if you’ve taken a detour off the straight-and-narrow. January One is a blank canvas, a fresh sheet of print paper, a blank slate.

January One equals the “now” part of Patanjali’s first sutra, “Atha Yoga-Anusasanam”, where the word atha announces, “Now.  Let’s get down to business – let’s begin.”

Happy beginnings to you whatever you make of this precious day and year!


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