Posted by: eveyoga | December 4, 2011

Social Media for Yoga

I’ve been in a big learning curve over the last few weeks. I thought I was doing pretty well, up until this point, to have more or less mastered almost-daily posts on “Yoga Suits Her”.

There’s no such thing as sitting back and watching the green beans grow down here on the farm. No sirree! The next thing I have to figure out is Twitter and Facebook.

Moreover I need to do new and different things with links, hashtags, @_, tiny-urls, contractions and more.

Why bother? I can hear some of you say.

Good question. In a matter of days, maybe a little more than a week, I and my small entrepreneurial team are bringing out a new yoga product. Word of mouth is not enough these days to sell our invention. I will have to tweet, seek friends, fans and likers, and make myself known in just 140 characters of humorous and scintillating discussion. However, I must not under any circumstances, I’m well advised, turn into a spam-bot.

I can do this. It will be good for me. It will be good for business. It will develop new neuronal pathways and be fun. It’s a new dawn. Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat 3.0, would say I’m part of the global explosion of digital technology that is creating a new age.

I just wish I didn’t have to run so fast to catch up!

At my Mac

Speaking of things technological, here’s Erich Schiffman with a lively podcast for you:



  1. Yes Sister Eve, Erich Schiffman is right on there about absolute truth and the illusion of separation – its just hard to see that unless one is connected to the spiritual “mains”. Best to plug in and get some enlightenment to become collectively conscious … no ?

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