Posted by: eveyoga | November 24, 2011

Unity in Everything

I’m going to be in Sydney for the next 4 days, mainly to present at and participate in the Divine Feminine Conference.

More and more I now find it difficult to leave the beauty and peace of our country place for the city. It is so superb here: wet, vibrant with summer vegetation, richly green, the countryside fat with growth and more wildlife than we’ve seen in years.

Speaking of the natural world….I was touched by this little video I saw today and hope you have time to view it:

It shows that yogis appear in all sorts of places and ages – this one near the sacred rock, Uluru.

“You kind of feel that you’re living with family when you include everything that is alive… And then you grow up, knowing that these are all your family. You can never feel lonely in that situation. How can you, when all around you is family members…”

Rock & Trees



  1. Love the clip. It is a magical place Uluru.

  2. such a beautiful little video Eve, thank you for sharing the love

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