Posted by: eveyoga | November 7, 2011

A Dog Pose A Day Keeps the Chiropractor At Bay

Well, I can’t say for sure that the above statement is true, but around our house, where we all do yoga, no one has seen a chiro for a very long time. Or osteopath, or even a masseuse.

However, tomorrow morning I have an appointment with a physiotherapist – the first time since  early last year when I was rehabilitating from hip surgery.

I’ve been waking up in the morning with a very sore area around my right scapula (maybe a nerve impingement?). After I do my yoga practice, it’s gone, but then the twinges are back all over again the next morning. Back in 1993, I was adjusted rather roughly in Kurmasana and suffered a strain in the acromium-clavicular joint, and the region has been not quite right ever since.

So, I hope to get some insight into the problem and no doubt learn a few things from the physio along the way. Injuries for yoga teachers are built-in anatomy lessons, grist for the mill, unwanted and unsolicited as they are. They teach us humility and compassion for our students, with any luck.

Adho Mukha Svanasana Adjustment


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