Posted by: eveyoga | October 25, 2011

Yoga Practice: Planning Your Time


I came across this quote I like, attributed to A.A.Milne, creator of Winnie the Pooh:

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.

Perhaps this is also why Patanjali wants us to still our minds, so we are less stressed out and can think more clearly.

Good planning helps. It can prevent inelegant outcomes, for one thing. It supports your well-being by reducing stress. While planning takes time, it is likely to save you time in the long run.

Plan on:

* Starting your day a little earlier. This is potentially the only time you have strictly for yourself, when it is quiet and you can do your meditation, yoga practice, inspirational reading, or journal writing. Rather than feeling you’ve sacrificed precious sleep time, you might find you’ve gained more energy from doing the practices you love.

Taking holidays and breaks. Get your diary out and mark out time in the calendar that you consider sacrosanct. A weekend break doesn’t have to involve a huge expense. Think of visiting your friends in the country or going camping. Okay, if you can’t manage a longer period of time off, how about a daily break, affectionately called a “holi-hour”, where you do something non-family or work oriented – a breathing space for a walk in the park or on the beach?

Eating well. Take the time to shop for wholesome foods and to prepare simple meals. When you do regular yoga practice and attune to your body, you tend to want foods that are beneficial for you. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, and avoid eating on the fly or you’ll end up missing the enjoyment of food and feeling unsatisfied.

Leaving ample time to get to your appointments. Even if you get to where you’re going with time to spare, you’ll enjoy the journey more this way.

Taking it a little easier on yourself. Constantly exhorting yourself or others to do more and more can end up like flogging a donkey, a subtle sort of abuse.

Simplifying your life. Get the green bags out and make space in your garage or wardrobes. Close down those excess bank accounts. Eliminate routines that don’t serve you or put in place systems that will ultimately save you time. Hold fast to or re-ignite those activities that make your heart sing, like gardening or tango dancing.

Feeding your spirit and nourishing your mind. Aim for good quality entertainment in what you read, watch and listen to in your leisure time. Cut down on screen time, especially if this is how you earn your living. So often our “labour-saving” electronic devices fill the space where we might be enjoying face-to-face contact with each other. If by more careful planning, you have more time and space in your life, use it to connect with those you love and your community!

Use your new-found ambling pace to pay more attention to detail; to notice everyday miracles and the changing fragrances of the seasons.


  1. Once I have done all this can I have a key to Mitchell’s Island?

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