Posted by: eveyoga | October 9, 2011


King Parrots

I may have just tipped the balance towards being a true country girl as I noticed this weekend on our trip to Sydney that I couldn’t get my heart into the city lifestyle at all.

Well-distracted by seeing the musical, “Jersey Boys”, taking in a excellently reviewed film, and dining on artisan breads and barista coffees, I still felt homesick for our forest and gardens. More so, for the simple life.

And, the surprises Nature dishes up here. Just a minute ago we had six king parrots feeding on our deck, and now they have been succeeded by the radiant eastern rosellas.

Best of all, we’ve been watching the antics of a kangaroo who moved onto the next-door pastures and has been working on his cattle round-up skills. He/she is very amusing….

Have a look on this link




  1. This kangaroo is too funny!!! Eve, what a life you do lead.

    • Come visit!
      XO E

      • I might just have to take you up on it!

  2. This is so wonderful to watch!! I will pass this link on. Thank you Eve!

    • I wonder, Ingrid, if anyone else in the world has a “cattleroo”? Very, very adorable!
      XO E

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