Posted by: eveyoga | September 17, 2011

The Year of the Mother

I’ve seen, over this year, the passing of many of my friends’ mothers, including my husband’s.

No matter what the relationship to one’s mother, her death seems to exert a powerful sorting process on the psyches of her progeny. Even my mother-in-law’s death in the USA this year seemed to have a gravitational pull back to Australia, dragging up an assortment of feelings related to my family.

Yesterday I heard of the recent death of the mother of a colleague. She was of a very advanced age and died peacefully, but I still felt sad. Why? I think it is because the news of death sends a ripple of resonance reminding us of our our own mortality. Mothers may physically depart the planet but they still remain a part of us. There’s nothing like good mother energy for filling us with nourishment, wisdom and love.

My own mother is 44 years gone, so these days I need to tap into my friends’ relationships with their mothers to evoke mother energy. Mother Nature serves this purpose for me, too, and in a way, my 40 year old yoga practice.

It’s beautiful to be home again on our island and opening up to the natural beauty of our environment. On my first night home from our holiday, I woke up at 3:45 am feeling that someone had gently traced their fingers over my face. I looked up to the clerestory windows and saw the nearly full moon through a pane of glass. The only place the moonlight was falling was on my pillow.

Mother Nature is so generous; we only need to be where we can open to her and be touched.

Here’s a link to a lovely account of a yogini’s mother’s passing:


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