Posted by: eveyoga | August 26, 2011

Chapter One: Don’t Know

Yoga teachers have a hard time conveying what this age-old, enormous wisdom system is.

One way to explain it is to pass on esoteric philosophical concepts as they appeared in ancient spiritual texts – difficult to understand and not the real experience of yoga; another way is to take those yogic ideas and water them down or recast them in contemporary terms – and perhaps much of importance gets lost along the way.

In any case, yoga practice can be a subjective experience that is difficult to explain in words. But as yoga teachers, mostly all we have for guiding students is words. And our examples.

I found an enticing link on Facebook, posted by Tamsin Angus-Leppan, which is a talk given by the American yoga teacher, Eric Schiffman. You might know him from his lovely book, “Moving Into Stillness.”

If you are a yoga teacher struggling with how to give your students the Heart of Yoga or a keen student wondering where your yoga is going, please have a listen. A good investment of 20 minutes of your time.

And, here’s a hint for living a long and productive life: be a girl drummer. This photo shows Joyce Engstrom, a beautifully vibrant nonagenarian, creating music this afternoon with her 3-piece band in Nanaimo.



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