Posted by: eveyoga | August 5, 2011

Tall Poppies

Paperbark Forest

 I will never be a tall anything. One hundred sixty centimetres short, I’m not going to beat around the bush: in a forest of generations of increasingly tall people, I am a shrub.
I actually used to think that I would be able to increase my height through yoga. At least at 66 yrs. old, I haven’t lost any height.
Okay, we’re just having a little fun here, at my expense. Tall poppies don’t have anything to do with size, of course, rather the image relates to high achievement achievement accompanied by some swagger, as I understand it.
As a native-born American, I don’t think in terms of tall poppies. Even in my 35 years of Aussie acculturation, I still think it’s fine to stand tall. (Maybe it’s even good yoga.)
All this by way of telling you that I am featured in the Australian Yoga Journal “Interview” in the August/September issue. Please have a look in your local news agency for a copy of the magazine.
Also, today I received an email from my friend Heather who was recommending “Yoga Suits Her” to someone. Perhaps you would like to pass on the link and Heather’s recommendation (below) to yoga friends who you think might be entertained or inspired by my blog. I’d like that.
Eve writes a blog entry every single day, never misses. Sometimes they’re profound, sometimes they’re of interest only to yogis, sometimes they’re simple observations or descriptions of her day, sometimes they’re very emotionally evocative. They’re short, they’re from the heart, they’re quirky.

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