Posted by: eveyoga | June 5, 2011

Here and There

One of the big draws to living in a beautiful setting in the county is just that: there is so much to sense, look out on and appreciate – distant purple hills, green fields, cocky cockatoos, big-bellied cows, water views, clean, crisp air….

Since moving to Mitchells Island, I’ve become less efficient and probably less productive, too. It’s taken me weeks to prepare for my teaching this coming week in Byron Bay. I can so easily get distracted by some surprise Nature’s cooked up, and it’s so easy to hear the surf calling me for a beach walk.

I have to admit digging in the garden has an allure that developing workshop material lacks. It’s been like pushing a full wheel barrow up hill. On the other hand, I love face-to-face teaching, especially in the Yoga Shed, where I’m building relationships with the locals. I can look out and see the combination of our colorful garden in it’s rustic setting as the backdrop to my yoga classes.

At this time of year, almost anyone would like to have some time in picturesque Byron, and I know I’ll enjoy meeting and instructing this crop of trainees, but right now, I’m dragging my feet.



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