Posted by: eveyoga | May 26, 2011

Bad Report Card

Most people under 40 years old would not have the word “periodontist” in their vocabulary. Indeed, I never made the acquaintance of this type of medical practitioner until I was in my forties and discovered I had gum disease.

May you and yours never suffer from this unsexiest of conditions, a complaint that will have you pour thousands of dollars into gum rehabilitation and, as a consequence, keep you down in the mouth.

Fortunately I met the esteemed John Highfield, former head of periodontics at Sydney University, in the nineties and he helped cure my dental woes.

Every six months I still see the good doctor for my check-up, and every visit I get a lecture about my tooth brushing technique. Honestly, I do try, but the proof is in the plaque. I need, John says, to develop a better brushing habit.

I only hope I’m able to get “all A’s” before John retires. Well, that’s my interim goal. Ultimately, I just want to pay attention to what I’m doing.


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