Posted by: eveyoga | April 24, 2011

Easter Renewal


Here’s a relaxation for your Easter break when you hopefully
have a little more time to renew yourself. I’ve mentioned before a “script” like this one can be recorded for your iPod or iPhone.

Relax your eyes and forehead. Allow the skin on your forehead to drop towards your eyes, your eyebrows release out to your temples, and the skin on your temples drop to the back of your skull. Let your eyes drop down completely, away from your eyelids.

Allow your thighs to release down into the floor, and keep relaxing them until your legs become still, so there’s no impulse to move at all.

Feel the flow of energy from your belly down into your legs, and sense the small movements of your muscles with the movement of your breath. Your breath sends out little ripples to your skin, your muscles and your organs to help them relax even more.

Feel the movement of your lower ribs, your diaphragm, and release any gripping. Let your chest become even more soft and supple, like that of a sleeping baby. Observe your ribs gently spread, as well as rising and falling, with every breath.

Feel your upper ribs soften, the skin over them soft, sensitive, spread gently over your heart and lungs. Feel the quiet movements of your ribs with each breath in and out.

Finally and gradually, let go of your focus on any one area, and just let yourself be.


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