Posted by: eveyoga | March 17, 2011

What’s Really Going On?


Organise your yoga program to allow for a cool down in the 15 or 20 minute period just before savasana. This will give the most satisfactory relaxation.

An artfully designed sequence will segue from inversions to twists to forward stretches, then savasana. Along this carefully planned course of action, the practitioner releases any residual niggling or agitated sensations from the body to create a smooth transition into savasana.

You use the relaxation period to set your metabolism on an even keel. Rest deeply and consciously, neither falling into a sleepy state or mulling over thoughts.

Think of your savasana as an inner sanctuary where what was in the newspapers, in conversations, in your expectations of yourself or others cannot intrude. By staying awake on the inner level, you can clearly see all mental activity and any body tensions, and choose to let go of them.

Then, with practice, your mind will naturally want to follow your breath, eventually lead you into a meditative state.

You know it when you’ve achieved harmony of body, mind and spirit because you release from savasana and are totally renewed.


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