Posted by: eveyoga | March 9, 2011


On the River

I gave the group in this morning’s class a good physical workout. Towards the end of the 90 min. session, they lay down and relaxed. Sometimes I lead them through a progressive relaxation of their bodies, but today I thought I would be completely silent and give the students time to relax on their own.

Often what shows up against the background of quietude is how busy one’s mind is. Given enough time in the relaxation period and a little grace, the yammering mind will likely capitulate.

Here’s a simple relaxation to refresh your yoga teaching repertoire if it’s a little weary.

Savasana – The Yoga Relaxation

Spend a few moments settling your body. Bring your chin down just a little towards your throat.

Relax your throat and neck. If they still feel tense, press the tips of your shoulders down, and move your shoulder blades into your back ribs. Then relax your upper back.

Release any tension from your feet and legs, arms and hands, your abdomen and face. Quiet your thoughts, too.

Keep your eyes very relaxed, and let the eyeballs sink down into eye sockets. Soften the skin on your temples and forehead. Relax the skin between your eyebrows. Relax your cheeks down from your eyes. Release the hinges of your jaw, first dropping the lower jaw slightly away from the the upper jaw and then relax them both.

Relax your ears so that your jaws release a little more. Release the inner channels of your ears. Keep your tongue soft and empty. Let it rest ever so lightly on your lower palate, and then as you feel it relaxing more, let the root of your tongue recede into your throat. Let your teeth be parted slightly and soften your lips.

Observe your breath without changing it over the next few minutes.

To finish, bend your legs, turn on your side, and slowly come up.


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