Posted by: eveyoga | February 28, 2011


I remember being surprised hearing from a friend who ran a bush regeneration business that we shouldn’t have to do big scale native planting to help bushland recover. We just needed to get rid of the nasties – opportunistic plants, trees, weeds. We had to get horses, sheep and cattle off the land to let it recover. The seeds and sprouts of beautiful natives that are being crowded out and trammelled simply need the right conditions to flourish again.

There’s a connection with yoga in the above view. Wholeness is one way of defining yoga (Sanskrit root of the word yoga is yug = unity, oneness). If we take away stimulants, strip back excesses, remove stressors, we fall back into the essential ground of our own Being.

You may have experienced this yourself from time to time – in a yoga relaxation, sitting quietly in Nature, or maybe in a loving environment. Yoga is a process of deconstruction like the weeding of a garden, removing what’s no longer necessary.

Then, what you may uncover or dis-cover is peace, quiet and joy.

Ellenborough Falls

BTW, if you really want to see what joy is, click here 🙂


  1. great beginning for my day…

  2. Yes Eve and nice “planty” analogy there and I completely agree of course .. 🙂 The dog with owner/trainer is a mesmerizing and completely gob smacking routine – such dedication and art but what I see there is great love that makes it work so well ..

  3. I find I’m getting pushed over the puppy purchasing edge, day by day. XO E.

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