Posted by: eveyoga | February 26, 2011


I caught myself today being at odds with one of the important yoga precepts, aparigraha, which is often translated as non-possessiveness.

A friend, traveling south in her motor home called in for an overnight visit. She wanted to fill up her big water tanks here before hitting the road again tomorrow morning.

When she asked, I felt it would be impolite to say ‘no’ and, at the same time, my first reaction was I didn’t want to share our water. So, I passed the decision on to Heather who said ‘yes’ immediately.

When I thought about it…we have a 22,000 litre rain water tank which is probably half full. What’s the big deal? I just didn’t want to give up our precious water.

The precepts are practices as important as doing asanas, breathing exercises or meditation. I missed an opportunity to practice generosity.

Sigh. At least I didn’t say ‘no’.

Golden Mudra


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