Posted by: eveyoga | February 16, 2011

A Grace Day

What makes some days feel like everything you do you are pushing a big rock up a very tall hill. Then, other days you’re on the top and, with no effort, you can just let the rock roll itself straight down to the bottom.

Is there a formula for having the easier experience? Is it that you’ve accrued enough good karma points, like when you get to the last space on your loyalty card and get a free coffee?

Or, perhaps the gods have been having a particularly rollicking time and decided to rain some beneficence on you.

Having enjoyed a day of feeling great physically, spacious in my mind, and efficient in getting work done, I definitely prefer having a day with no wrong steps.

I don’t know what tomorrow will serve up. I do know, though, grace days are few and far between.  So, I’ll try to store up some equanimity from my yoga practices and remember the words of the ancient Greek philosopher, Epictetus:

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”.


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