Posted by: eveyoga | February 7, 2011

So Many Things to Worry About

Some of my friends don’t read newspapers or watch the news because it’s all bad. I wouldn’t go as far as avoidance but I do filter what I read. Hey, I used to hang out with  journalists, so I know what a beat-up is.

Gym memberships are likely to increase as a result of advice given in the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum “Health and Well-Being” section. In a piece written on “sarcopenia” (muscle loss) resulting from ageing, we are told that a 60 year-old may have lost up to 40% of their muscle mass. This could lead to more difficulty in formerly simple activities, like climbing stairs, walking quickly and recovering balance if you trip.

Yoga ingenues often ask whether the system takes care of all one’s needs. Does yoga give our hearts and vessels enough exercise to stay strong. Does it help strengthen bones and ward off osteoporosis? Does it tone muscles? Can it fix bent spines and autoimmune diseases?

There’s no doubt that yoga helps us physically, inside and out. There’s no doubt in my mind that yoga – through concentration and meditation practices – can help one mentally. Yoga is considered a spiritual path because it basically points us toward our innate beautiful, whole nature.

Me, I subscribe to that old Arab proverb that says, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.” I do free weights, walk every day on the beach, work in the garden, eat sensibly and, as I’ve said in this post before, try to be a nice person.

Even better if you make all those healthy choices because you like doing them.




Burmese woman

Burmese archaeologist



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