Posted by: eveyoga | January 22, 2011

Good For What Ails ‘Ya

Supported Purvottanasana

I first came across this pose (above) at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, where it was used extensively for students in the “medical classes” (read therapy).

So, it seemed like a good one to pull out of the rabbit hat in the weeks after my hips were operated on nearly a year ago. I was reminded of it yesterday, visiting with Maarit who is a couple of months post-hip surgery.

The Institute’s medical classes are like a multi-ring circus. The yoga teachers and their assistants work with a huge roomful of students who have many different ailments, ranging from badly healed bone breaks to chronic illnesses.

The supported purvottanasana was featured in many of the students’ programs for the beneficial way in which it opens the chest and heart, supports the kidneys, and quiets the mind.

For another way of doing this pose, have a look at this video.



  1. Useful as allways thank you very much


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