Posted by: eveyoga | January 21, 2011

Afternoon Yoga @ Church Point


Viparita Karani went down very well after bushwalking at West Head and aboriginal rock art hunting in other nearby areas.

Maarit & Coco




  1. Hi Eve,
    This little post of yours has stayed with me. It made me think of the lovely feeling having done some exercise or work and then letting the heat of the afternoon pass over you while resting on the floor. I remember often as a child in summer retreating to the cool of the floor after a hectic morning playing. Once I hungrily ate lunch, the humidity and the sound of the cicadas seemed like a blanket. Down on the cool floor catching the waft of breeze through the front door it was such a pleasure to just melt down. To this day I do love to do this on a hot afternoon and when we had our beautiful dog she would lay beside me and I could listen to her deep regular breathing .

    By the way, it was lovely to catch up with you and Daniel last week!


    • I think the real dog pose has just shown up, Jo. Be well! XO Eve

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