Posted by: eveyoga | January 18, 2011

Pain in the Neck

I don’t know how it is for you, but I have a love/hate relationship with my computer. My reliance on, fascination with, and attachment to my Mac has led to many lost hours. Most times, I am productive, but other times, I admit to disappearing into scrabble playing or reading email humour.

My body suffers. No matter how ergonomically smart I am, computer time is just going to end up being one of those out-of-body experiences, like gardening or housecleaning. With all the best of intentions, we will still finish up losing our selves during screen time.

So, all you geeks and yogis out there, I have a recovery pose for you: affectionately called lying down block pose.

You need a bolster or a big cushion, a folded blanket and a wooden block. When assembled, they look like this:

Set Up

You lie down, face up, on the set up with your head supported on the bolster/blanket and the block will be between your shoulder blades and at the bottom of your neck. Set a timer for 8 minutes and chill, with your eyes gently closed.

If you find the block somewhat uncomfortable to lie on, cover it with a folded towel. Do keep your forehead a bit higher than your chin and your chin higher than your chest, as Heather is demonstrating so well.

(If you’re wondering why this might help you, it’s a pose to help release tight rhomboid muscles which can be affecting your neck.)

Heather in Block Pose



  1. This one must be made for me. I’ve had recurring neck ache at one side of my neck that I can seem to shift with other poses.
    Thank you!

  2. I’m definitely trying this one tonight !
    Looks exactly what I need after 9hrs of sitting in front of the big monster 

    • Hi Maika, Nice to hear from you but not to hear of a sore neck. Hope the pose worked for you. You must be back at your desk job.
      Sending fond regards,

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