Posted by: eveyoga | January 15, 2011

Retreat and Go Forward

January is the month of Good Intentions – the time to do a yoga intensive to hopefully kick off a year of disciplined practice or a time to go away to a writer’s retreat to finally become a writer.

Then, you come home, unpack, do your laundry, fill the empty fridge and think what’s next. Or maybe you don’t have time to think because you have to go straight back to work.

I used to lead country yoga retreats for many years. The participants enjoyed the structure of the weekends. There was the physical yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation, wholesome meals and plenty of free time to absorb the experience.

Byron Bay Yoga

In my yoga school, class attendances were strong after yoga retreats as students seemed to have a newfound enthusiasm. But then, life and work caught up and the momentum started to wane.

It’s the hardest thing, after being so inspired, to keep the flame alive.

I’m noticing, after a terrific week of writing and listening to stories in the Life Stories course, that I’m not quite sure what I should do next. It’s so easy to get busy again.

Our instructor has suggested joining a writers’ group as a way of having a structure in which to keep writing and being given feedback.

Today, though, I’ve been noticing that I had a great writers’ group at the course, and I’m missing them.

Camp Creative



  1. Morning Eve,
    Like you and others Life Stories was a wonderful experirnce which left me highly motivated not just with writing but life in many facets..Carrolline was inspirational and like you will join a group, the Bellingen Writers.
    Yes there was a true feelling of closeness and inspirition in that group and I still smile to myself sometimes even in the middle of the night.
    Eve you are truly centered and have found your calling.Warm wishes Kaye

    • Hi Kaye, Great to hear from you. I’m envious that you can join the Bellingen Writers Group, where there are likely to be some others from our Life Stories course. At least I have Heather here. I wish you well on your exciting adventure of a new non-encumbered life. I hope you stay in touch. XO Eve

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