Posted by: eveyoga | November 16, 2010

There goes the Sun!

Photo Voltaic Decorates the Yoga Shed

Suddenly, in one morning, The Yoga Shed has become an even more virtuous place be.

Eight solar panels and one inverter were installed today, ironically between rain squalls. They are very shiny and pretty, and we are told, they will pay for themselves in 4 or 5 years.

In the meantime, we’ve done the right thing, and even better, got the State government’s best buy back rate, 60 cents/kw.

Now, if it would only rain at night, everything would be honkey-dorey.



  1. A new meaning to salute to the sun. enjoy.

    I will continue to catch water in buckets in my attempt to reduce using resources.

    Now if someone can come up with solar panels I can hang out my window… or convert my windows into solar catchment…. that would be good. Of course large to generate enough electricity to run all the gadgets that teen boys & husband think are necessary for daily life.
    Hmmmm might look into that.

    K x

    • I can imagine, with those teen-age boys, that long hot showers add a lot to your electricity bill!
      XO Eve

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