Posted by: eveyoga | October 8, 2010


Today, our last full day in Arizona with my family, we drove up to Phoenix for a late lunch/early dinner with Cary, Diana, Isabella, and Christian.

Daniel has been the main driver (right side of the road in America), but I did have a turn at the wheel the other day, after a hiatus of 35 years.

We’ve put maybe 400 miles on the rental car in 4 days, just driving locally in the main. Tucson and environs are definitely the wide open spaces of film westerns.

My physical yoga practice has been scrappy this week, although I’ve done some remedial yoga for my sister.

However, my “attitudinal yoga” has been excellent, and I’ve managed a busy traveling and visiting schedule maintaining a cheerful, calm demeanor.

One of the sweet moments of the day was when my great niece Isabella, age 11, led us in grace before our meal. She’s bright at her age to know how blessed we are in the lives we lead and the gifts we receive at every moment of the day.

Not the least the gift of family.


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