Posted by: eveyoga | October 5, 2010

Only in America



  1. who did that first artwork? reminds me of Jenny Holzer…
    and did you buy some panties for your yoga?

    • I’m not sure who did the artwork, Pen. It’s from Highline in NY.
      As for yoga panties, I have none, just regular knickers đŸ˜‰
      XO E.

  2. Hi Eve
    Just saying hello really
    Am in India where we first met 26 years ago
    Thinking of you and that lost suitcase that brought us in contact initially
    I know the difference in my yoga from then – from experimental, exciting and full on has matured an mellowed to allow me to be more myself and support my extra years
    Much love

  3. PS meant to add that yoga for the older person is a great idea
    look at Vanda Scaravelli – met Diana Long one of her major students – good quality time

    • I met Diane Long a few years ago, Libby. She seemed to me such an eccentric yoga teacher and she left
      me wondering what her seminar was all about. I’m going to quote you in my blob cuz I love the way you described your practice. You are a treasure; enjoy the Poona experience. XO E.

      • Did you really mean ‘in my blob’? ‘Tis a great name for a blog!

  4. Love that sculpture! Thanks for the pic. Sounds like your trip has been great!

    • It’s been rich, Jen. Not the least for family time. Sending love to all four of you! XO E.

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