Posted by: eveyoga | October 4, 2010

Let’s Talk About Talk

W.A.I.T. – anagram for Why Am I Talking? My favorite expression of the year.

I have been in the company of a few non-stop talkers this year. I think I have listened reasonably well, although perhaps not made enough boundaries at times. Politesse is so ingrained.

At the end of a week of good listening and being polite a while back, I found myself complaining to my mate and then dissolving in tears. It had been such an effort.

In this country the legislators have a device called filibuster which lets them talk a piece of legislation to death.

I think it might be possible to talk a person to near-death, that is, a numb, glassy-eyed state of resignation.

I would hope it doesn’t happen to me, that I have enough accumulated equilibrium from watching my mind that I can save myself.

You never know, though. Maybe it’s better to be less polite.



  1. Love this one Eve!

  2. It may depend on how quiet your days are. Mark and I have very quiet days as we work and study at home. We love the peace and quiet with breaks working in our new veggie garden but sometimes I wonder whether we are getting out of touch with the rest of the world, especially as the parents of our son’s friends are all younger and working. Fortunately most of our friends are not chatterboxes. We do have one friend who is so full of life and life experience that it fizzes out of him at all times. He is a great conversationalist and I am never bored when he speaks. He is absolutely the ideal person to sit next to at a dinner party. Of all our friends, he is the only one whom my son Max (aged 15) calls a “great guy”. That’s because the friend, also called Max, noticed that our son was the only young person at a dinner party and made a point of sitting next to him , engaging him in conversation which was intense , sincere, informative and also hilarious.

    • Very true. Since Daniel and I have been traveling these past weeks, I think I have been on my own twice for brief periods. This is a strong contrast to our life on Mitchells Island where space and quiet abound. Still, a holiday should provide contrast and this one has definitely filled the bill. Come visit us when we get back home. XO E.

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