Posted by: eveyoga | September 27, 2010

Big Apple

…little bedroom with loft bed….that’s where I’m sleeping for the next five days.

Am I happy to be here? I’ll say!

Reasons why:

1. I can walk everywhere until I drop, but I won’t because it’s a snap to catch public transport. Street life is so fascinating in any direction you walk. And, the only American franchises I’ve seen have been in Times Square.

2. This city is the epitome of multicultural, but not in the “melting pot” sense of a bland blend. People seem to take for granted that they are what they are. It’s no big deal to have different races, religions, and colours co-existing. New Yorker is it’s own nationality.

3. Entertainment is often free, available in a local tavern or cafe, and pretty darn good.

4. Irene, ex-pat Aussie, our hostess, is fun, generous, interesting, intelligent, beautiful, and artistic.

Five days are probably not enough, really just a taste of The Apple.


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