Posted by: eveyoga | September 21, 2010

Family Post # 3

My yoga practice is in tatters at the moment. And somehow I’m surviving and I can still hold my head high as a yoga teacher.

Maybe there is a category, a branch of yoga, if you will, which is practicing being in relationship with your family. I’ve been deep in that.

After years of being the black sheep out in Australia, I’m delighted to find that my American family has embraced me and seems to like me very much.

And they are gorgeous: my two juicy nieces, my adorable grand niece and grand nephew, my nephew and niece-in-law who are so gracious and generous as our hosts, and finally my brother-in-law and his fiancée, who is a warm-hearted and fun addition to family.

Good family experiences are as satisfying as the fresh crab feasts we’ve been eating here in Maryland. I’m leaving this part of the world tomorrow full of love and happy memories.

A good yoga practice can do that too but is as rare as the perfect, sunny autumn day we spent in Washington DC today.

Here’s a couple of my good-looking family members:



  1. I love reading all of your posts Eve, but this one particularly spoke to me… I have difficulty sustaining a consistent yoga practice – and there I must admit physical postures is what I am saying I have trouble with doing with regularity – and there is another whole story… I think, feel and act yoga in other ways but it is not regular as practice is meant to be. I have recently been away to Serbia land of my parents birth and come to understand many aspects of my mother and father in ways that I hadn’t before and by extension myself. I also spent some time with my sister where I think our bond has become stronger as well. My son was playing cricket in the UK and I was able to see him in action as well as interact with the community he became part of another heart opening experience for all…the people he interacted with, my son and gave me a whole new perspective on the wonderful man my son has grown into. Reading your post touched me in many ways…but particularly the deep connection to yoga that these experiences can have… thank you.

    • Blazena, you made my day! I’m glad you resonated with my “family” post. Don’t you think family becomes more meaningful as we get older? I feel like distance worked for me until recently, and now it feels painful. Nevertheless I’m an Aussie now, and given how patriotic many Americans are now, I might not make the grade here anymore – or want to. XO E.

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