Posted by: eveyoga | September 19, 2010

Family Take Two

I’m in Annapolis tonight although I haven’t seen this town’s raisin d’être yet: the U S Naval Academy.

That will happen tomorrow.

So far I’ve had good old quality time with my family – nephew Mike, wife Karen and kids Grace and Nick. Also my totally gorgeous nieces Christa and Whiney (plus boyfriends).

Warren, their dad came with his financee Marion. He sold the family home and moved in with Marion; my sister Sue’s been gone twelve years now. Warren brought a box of memorabilia, cleaned out from storage that contained love letters from my dad to my mother, among old photos and documents.

We had Maryland crabs for sinner – a bushel of them. When was the last time you’ve bought a bushel of anything, let alone eaten it – even among 12 people. There was cracking and pounding an slurping and sucking. Much work to get the juicy meat separated out of shell and viscera, all worth it.

Something so satisfying being with a group of people who share a common gene pool. When it doesn’t work we call it dysfunctional; when it works, like now, it’s a homecoming.



  1. did we talk about maryland before? this is where i’m from! i was actually born at the naval academy although my parents live in potomac closer to DC. what a beautiful time of year to be on the east coast! wishing you well for the rest of your travels. love xx

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