Posted by: eveyoga | September 14, 2010

Singing Hymns…

A very dear and rather acerbic friend of mine described one of the early yoga classes that he attended as “singing hymns around the piano.”

He didn’t go back, and he eventually discovered and practised Iyengar yoga, which, by contrast, can be described as rigorous, meticulous and strict. It also gets results.

I would say of the Iyengar method that it’s been particularly good for me as a heady sort of person to help me stay grounded.

Yoga is especially good to do when traveling, even though my discipline muscle has been softened by long flights, car travel and very irregular eating.

Happily my yoga mat is getting more use now, a couple of weeks into our US trip. However i must admit that my practice is more redolent of hymn singing than rigour for the time being.



  1. Hm, how about singing hymns around a piano constructed in the Iyengar tradition …

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