Posted by: eveyoga | September 11, 2010

They’ve Got It

The secret to longevity…. The giant sequoias have got it.

We visited them in their Mariposa, California home today…hundreds of them. The biggest towering up to 300 feet and 20 to 30 feet in diameter at their base.

These whoopers can live to be 3,000 years old. Imagine a redwood that was contemporary with Buddha, Jesus and Patanjali.

The sequoias are a special breed that is resistant to insects, bacteria and even, to a certain extent, to fire.

Something about these big trees reminded me of the Ents from Lord
Of the Rings – huge, wise, protective sylvan beings.

Their habitats have been shrinking for a long time so I recommend you visit them soon, before you have to see them in the tree museum.



  1. Love your pic, Eve. Looks like two Ents are joining together for Tadasana!

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