Posted by: eveyoga | August 27, 2010

Routines Take 2

Happily, a few years ago on another trip to San Francisco, I discovered a yoga school, would you believe based Iyengar-style, nearby.

I can walk there from Cousin Merle’s on 8th Avenue, which I did this morning. Much better using the studio instead of the small floor space of our visitor’s accommodation.

I did a Level one (read “beginner-ish) class with a very good beginner-ish (read 1 year) teacher. I kept wanting to give her feedback which thankfully I restrained myself from doing.

Sometimes I make fun of the way different styles of yoga have become brands, but it was great to see that the Iyengar brand reflects huge attention to quality control.

I’ll be back because of that, and also to help keep to my routine.



  1. Hi Eve, lovely to read of your adventures and my comment is, Were you in class the day martyn said, ïf you are in a yoga class taught by an inferior teacher you should go up the front and take over theclass!” so there. Good thing we have mellowed out a bit over the years.
    Enjoy Burning Man.
    Love, Trevor

    • Yes, I remember his comment well, Trevor. Maybe Martyn didn’t get
      To hang around long enough to mellow? XO Eve

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