Posted by: eveyoga | August 6, 2010

I Wish You Well

The above phrase could be interpreted as perfunctory, even careless, when applied to someone who has a chronic illness or terminal disease.

We could have the best intentions in saying it but when someone’s condition is so debilitating, “I wish you well” or some version of that could only be seen as empty, unfeeling communication.

I had a number of comments from readers regarding yesterday’s post about dealing with fatigue. They were from people who struggle with poor health every day. Fortunately for me, my tiredness is intermittent.

Here is an inspiring article written by Christopher Hitchens, Topic of Cancer, which describes his journey from “the land of the well…to the land of malady”:



  1. As one of those with a chronic illness I have never found well wishing in that phrase offensive. Its the “how are you?” without the expectation of an honest answer that has moved me to anger at times. In fact I have often chosen that phrase when communicating with someone who is not well, who struggles with ill health deliberately… not that being ill makes me right. Everyone has their own connotations and interpretations… ps i will try to read Christopher Hitchens but he is not my idea of an open vulnerable heart share kind of guy 🙂

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