Posted by: eveyoga | August 1, 2010

Party Time

Sydney yoga community gathered to celebrate Simon Borg-Olivier on the occasion of his 50th birthday last night.

There were gorgeous stilt walkers, singing, techno dancing, wholesome food, body painting, and everyone in costume.

For instance:

I met Simon when he was 24 and a grad student working on his masters at Sydney Uni. I was the director of Sydney Yoga Centre, one of the early schools. We had a wonderful program of 6 am two – hour classes and Simon was a lively, natural yogi, attending those sessions faithfully.

One of the funny stories re. Simon was when I talked him into getting his hair cut because of traveling to India. We were going to the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune for classes.

I was worried Simon would get harassed by Custom officials because he looked like such a hippy. It turned out he probably didn’t need to have his locks shorn, and of course they grew back soon. He did look very handsome with his new “do”, I thought.

Simon has become a very adept yoga teacher, famous, even, and every inch of him eccentric – as Goethe said, “a wheel rolling from his own centre.”

Happy 50th, Simon!


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