Posted by: eveyoga | July 20, 2010


One of the modules that I lectured on in the recent Byron Yoga Centre’s therapy intensive course was on yoga and ageing.

I guess with each passing day you could say I become more and more qualified to talk on this subject. That is, if you consider experience as an important qualification for teaching a topic.

The premise I presented in my lecture is that yoga is a lifetime companion and it bends and shapes very nicely as it adapts to the various ages and stages of life.

To me, yoga is a tool that helps you sort out what is real from what is unreal, what is important from what is unimportant. If one does trikonasana on a given day and is grounded and graceful in the pose, but the next day the same pose seems unbalanced and inflexible, they are both real experiences. We might assign a negative value to one over the other, but that’s only going to lead to suffering, as human as it is for us to do that.

There are lots of things that happen in yoga practice and also in the process of getting older that would be more comfortable to ignore.

Yesterday, after looking in the mirror, I decided that I probably should get my eyebrows tattooed, as they seem to be gradually disappearing. Well, actually they are losing their former brown colour, also known as becoming grey. No one prepared me for the eyebrow thing, like the optometrist did when he heralded presbyopia and the G.P did when he ordered blood tests for cholesterol. So far I’ve skirted cholesterol meds, but not reading glasses.

I’ve probably mentioned in these posts that I’ve been doing yoga since I was 27, so yoga and I have been all around the traps together. Two things I love about this stage of my life are: 1) I cultivated a close and friendly relationship with inverted postures which I believe are good for me on all levels and moreover I thoroughly enjoy, and, 2) I am still learning more about pranayama, relaxation and meditation, tools which I believe will be with me for all my remaining days.

May they be long, healthy and happy. And, yours too!


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