Posted by: eveyoga | July 14, 2010

14 July, 2010 19:03

Hey, these therapist trainees we’re working with at Byron Yoga rock! They just saw their first clients and did great work.
I’ll leave them in Mark Breadner’s capable hands tomorrow and we head off to socialize with Byronites. Even with all this excitement, I miss home!

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  1. Hello Eve
    Your comment was appreciated, what a lovely group they are, I have really enjoyed sharing with them and am determined to be a trainee next year!
    Thank you for all the wisdom you shared. I want to send you a copy of our book. Would you please give me your postal address.
    Love and light

    • That’s so great, Gityam, that you want to do the training. You’ll be a star!
      2 Scotts Rd., Mitchells Island.
      XO E.

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