Posted by: eveyoga | July 12, 2010

In Byron

On the cusp of teaching in Byron Yoga Centre’s annual therapy course, I need an early and good night’s sleep tonight.
I think it’s so exciting to have such rich resources available to these therapy trainees in the form of us veteran teachers. I wish I’d had it it my early days of teaching, but I’m probably a late bloomer anyway.
And, yoga teachers never really stop learning. I’ll be learning on the job this week, too, for sure.



  1. How I wish I could be there! please keep us up to date with how the course progresses through the week…sending you lots of good vibes Namaste

    • Hi there, Marjie,
      So great to hear from you and discover that you are reading my blog.
      How are you? How’s teaching?
      The yoga therapy course will run again. We had a great switched-on group who drew a lot out of me.
      Be well!

  2. Teaching in Byron this week – Great Eve !!! Golden white light to you friend and looking forward to seeing you soon … Peter XX

  3. Hi Eve,

    Just sending my thanks for sharing your wisdom with us as Byron Yoga.. I’m currently reading through my huge messy pile of notes and trying to restore some kind of order 🙂 I figure if my notes are organised and clear my mind will be too.. might be a virgo thing. haha. Thanks again, Look forward to crossing paths again.


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