Posted by: eveyoga | June 15, 2010


There are startling sights to be seen on the rural landscape.

Our garage is a stone’s throw from Farmer Scott’s fence line. Exiting from the car today, I faced his big, beefy cattle, chomping away in their lush meadow.

The cows look pregnant. I’m not an expert, but these bovines are seriously bulky, especially up close.

Sunday on our Saltwater Beach walk we came across an exceedingly dead wallaby. The skull was exposed and the roo was a funny bloated grey colour. I thought I’d spare you the photo I took.

Tonight there was only the barest crescent outline of the moon with Venus just underneath.

I love that we take notice of the lunar cycle. As well as the tlides.

In the city, we go the other way. We take no notice of change of seasons, moon cycles, & tides. What use are they anyway?

Except as another way of concentrating our focus and appreciation. A kind of meditation, really.



  1. Hi Eve,

    You should know whether those cows are pregnant in about a month! Your blogs have me reminiscing on my life in the country in the distant past. Everyone around me is complaining about the cold, I LOVE it. Thankfully winter came after all. The constant warm weather we had until May was very scary.
    Nature is so confused, the frangipani trees in my neighborhood have not finished dropping their leaves after the second spray of flowers during lingering warm weather. Having said this, I am looking forward to Bali soon. Hi to Daniel too. Tania x

  2. I saw that crescent moon with Venus accompanying last night while putting out the green bin…was tempted to go out for a walk in the moonlight but the warm house and dinner beckoned. Nature peeks into the city but has trouble making her presence as felt here. However, I do feel spriritually uplifted every time I get out into the bush which in Sydney is remarkably easy to do…on Monday we walked the Lyrebird Track from Roseville Bridge up to where Middle Harbour becomes a little creek…entirely silent up there except for birdsong and water gurgling. And half an hour drive from the airport! Sydney can be amazing when I let it.

    • Daniel & I used to have a plan to get out of Sydney once a month to go bush. That lasted about two months. You just have to put it in your diary, I guess. (Unless you live in the country!) XO eve

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