Posted by: eveyoga | June 8, 2010

Another Test

Yesterday it was eye pillow-eating mice in the Yoga Shed (two of which have now been dispatched to that big granary in the sky) and this morning my right knee went.

That’s a layperson’s term for what happens when walking down a flight of stairs, and suddenly, a knee decides not to do the flex thing that it’s been successfully performing for 65 years.

How could this happen? My knees have been one of the most steadfast bits of my body. When my hips were dodgy, when my bunions were asserting themselves, when my acroniom joint was strained because of a bad adjustment, when I began to suffer all the insults of the ageing process – too numerous to name here – my knees were the part of my anatomy that was absolutely dependable.

The reason I am walking around this evening and even navigating stairs again is not because a doctor or physiotherapist healed me. Something much simpler: RICE. Yes, that’s right – rest, ice, compression and elevation. And even though I only did two of the four in the recipe, I still benefited. Mostly I kept my equanimity flowing throughout.

However, as a backup plan, I do have an appointment with the physio day after tomorrow. I’m guessing that a tight ilio-tibial band is the mischief maker, but let’s see what the expert says.



  1. Best to stay on holiday?

    • Reality is so harsh 🙂
      XO Eve

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