Posted by: eveyoga | May 21, 2010


Down south in Bali, a little further west than Seminyak, Daniel & I are enjoying Shirley’s beautiful villa for this week.

I keep looking around this big four bedroom house, imagining about 10 people here for a yoga retreat.

Three staff, with one a wonderful cook, mean our every need is being met.

I laid out my yoga mat late in the afternoon and did a general practice. By the time I’d finished my pranayama, two Balinese women had arrived for Daniel & my massages.

I hear it’s rainy and cold in Sydney….

Here’s our view.



  1. Dear Eve

    Wishing you a lovely holiday! I enjoy reading your blogs. You are such an inspiration!

    Warm regards to Daniel too!


    • Thank you! And you, too, Bonnie, are inspiring. I’ve been reading your emails about your new cd. “Shimmer”. Congratulations! XO Eve

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