Posted by: eveyoga | May 1, 2010

Yoga Teachers Are People Too


Eve and the Gelding

I’ve been wanting to write about the ways that yoga teachers express their human side, so you might just see a series of vignettes over the next few days telling it like it is.

Let’s start with yoga gear. When I was new to yoga, women performed shiny, day-glow poses in lycra. If you were a bit trendier, you would buy your leotard and tights at the suppliers to the ballet industry – Bloch’s in the Strand Arcade. Maybe for the ladies this was a harkening back to the ballet shoes and tutus of their childhood. Men sometimes wore tights too, but they would have to be worn over rather thick skins.

Fast forward to the era of Lululemon Athletica, Byron Yoga Clothing and Coma-toes all producing clothing that is cooler than cool, workout outfits that state that the wearer is an experienced yoga practitioner.

In my relatively new life in the country, where I roll out of bed and amble to the Yoga Shed in dawn’s early light, wouldn’t you think it excessive to change out of pyjamas into a pair of Lululemon “Namaste Pants” bedecked with a “Pulse Wrap”, even if I owned them.

As I head off to yoga practice each morning, my pyjamas are still warmed from the duck feather doona, totally comfortable and, as the image shows, stylish enough (Peter Alexander) without being highfalutin.

By about 10 am, after breakfast, after seeing to the horses, and after a shower, I’m finally ready  for “street clothes”. I’m thinking about getting a pair of overalls 🙂



  1. This is a great post, I always practice in what’s on hand, today it was sarong and inside out t-shirt…and wooly socks…breathing from the inside out in every pose. Thanks eve for your inspiration in my life for the last 20 years…

    • You’ve given me a great idea, Rachel, for a yoga calendar: how people really dress to practice. Could be fun! Thanks for your kind words; I hope our paths cross again one day. XO e.

  2. I think that gelding is taking a shy’n to those PJ’s Eve – and yes, yoga is the same in whatever clothes. I just don’t think my yellow and black horizontal stripe “hornet unitard” does as much for me any more…. !

  3. I like the idea of a calendar of how people really dress to practice. I usually don’t get to my practice until after school drop off, etc…. so I’m already out of my PJs, but sometimes I put ’em back on for my practice!

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