Posted by: eveyoga | April 30, 2010

Next to Godliness

Did you know there is a past tense of the word forego and it is forwent? Just so you don’t think I’m being showy when I say, I forwent my regular yoga practice this morning. I substituted 18 minutes on the stationary bike and two hours of cleaning the yoga studio.

Once you’ve seen the 72 squares space I practice in, you’ll wonder how someone could spend so much time tarting it up. Well, the usual dusting and vacuuming was de rigeur, as well as shifting spiders and skinks to the garden. Furniture was moved, too, to make room in this small space for, at a pinch, seven students, arriving from next week.

Hopefully now that I’ve purified the sanctuary, they will come. I have three registrations already after posting my fliers around the place just from Wednesday. I have a new benchmark for long distance letterbox drops now that we live in a neighbourhood of 4-5 acre blocks.

I’ve set out purple mats, like you do for beginners, who have that reputation for taking up too much space. It all looks so inviting, not the least the view out the sliders to the verdure of Farmer Scott’s property and the river beyond.

On another completely different topic, a (Twitter) tweet today provided me with a link to ZeFrank: If you haven’t made his acquaintance and you’re not afraid of losing a little time in sweet enjoyment, check it out


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