Posted by: eveyoga | April 5, 2010


Easter Saturday sunset

A few recent posts have been rather on the whine-y side. I’m not saying that it is always a bad thing to get things off my chest, but you have to get that where we live in our new house, on our property, on Mitchells Island is so beautiful and miraculous that human foibles can go ahead and fall back on their own sword, if I just let them.

Sunsets here are especially spectacular and provide entertainment for all of their duration, better than the SBS News, better than “Breaking Bad”, and a whole lot better than 90 % of Blockbuster dvd’s.

Yesterday we moved out of daylight savings, the weather turned down to 14 degrees at night, and the rain-damp air was so fresh this morning, making my pranayama practice a delight.

I’m talking about gratitude exercise: sometimes I just need to count up my blessings vs. afflictions, or merely hang around for the next sunset.



  1. stunning!

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