Posted by: eveyoga | February 8, 2010

Portion Control

I’m sure I could become the next guru if I could explain to people how to do “portion control”. These two words didn’t fall together so often until relatively recently, until the “obesity epidemic” started mushrooming.

I can imagine my sensible Midwestern-born 90 yr.-old mother-in-law saying, “You just push your plate away when you’re full. That’s all.”

I’m a member of that camp – stop eating when you’re full. Scientists link this ability with something called an “appestat”, like a thermostat for central air control on the wall, only appetite control is in your brain. Mine seems calibrated pretty well, but apparently these tiny mechanisms can get broken or are just weak.

In the physiotherapy class this morning, there were any number of patients whose joint replacement rehabilitation is made tough because of the excessive weight they are carrying. A nasty cycle too because exercise is less likely to be something they look forward to. Ergo, they may start to feel like Sisyphus.

Nevertheless, the physios are upbeat, and while being respectful and caring towards the heavier participants, they are committed to their complete recovery.

Over and over I’ve heard people saying that I’m brave to have undergone a double hip replacement. Today I didn’t have to look too far to discover plenty of everyday heroes.



  1. Such great insights. It all depens which perspective you look at the things. Food is easy to push a way, but chocholate box much harder, or a good cheese. xx

  2. Wonderful to hear your reflections from “rehab” Eve, and feel your enthusiasm for the healing process – sounds like a whole new learning adventure. My thoughts and love are with you as you “re-learn”… Mandy

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