Posted by: eveyoga | February 1, 2010


Yesterday I had quite a few tears.

Happily they don’t scare me. To the contrary, I consider them cleansing and revealing.

The emotion that was coming up each time I cried was associated with something I’d been stuffing down and not allowing myself to experience.

I was surprised that one group of feelings had to do with the realization that I hadn’t told certain people how much they meant to me.

Years ago I had the opportunity to ask the yoga master Desikachar why some students would spontaneously cry while doing poses. (I used to do it myself in forward bends.)

He said it had to do with the “pending file”. He said Indians tended to let their feelings out more, but Westerners stuck them away somewhere to be dealt with “one day”. A quiet moment in a yoga class could be that one day.

So also can the cusp of a big op. If I haven’t told you lately (or ever) how much I admire and love you, how much I appreciate the healing connection we have, consider yourself told! I feel grateful to have you in my life.



  1. Much love and healing thoughts to you. And hugs. I appreciate your frinedship, and your wisdom, it means lot to me.

  2. Ah when the going gets tough …

    The tough people can still come up with the most generous words.

    That’ll do for my inspiration today.

    Thanks Eve I hope you are post op dreaming of painless things.


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